Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Do you find yourself wondering if you have a leak in your home? Or are you worried that poor construction and corrosion is severely damaging your property? While leaks are common in older properties, many new properties may experience this problem too.

Leaks can cause significant damage to your property and can prove costly to repair and rectify. Therefore, we know you wish to enlist only a dedicated and experienced team of experts to resolve the issue, and all at a competitive price.

At Dorset Drainage Services, we pride ourselves on being considered providers of the best drainage services Dorset has to offer and being just that.  Combining many years of experience, the highest quality equipment and knowledge that cannot be matched, we can assess your property to detect the presence of leaks in your property.

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Exceptional Service

Our team endeavour to offer a provision that is respectful of your home or property and our team will ensure that your property is left completely clean after our leak inspection. Therefore, you’ll be left with only an exceptional service and peace of mind.

We utilise a range of equipment, such as cameras, ground microphones and leak correlators, acoustic data loggers and trace, which ensures that we provide a service that is tailored to suit your property. With this in mind, our leak detection provision is effective, thorough and simply a cut above the rest.

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