Cesspit Systems

Cesspit Systems

If no public sewer is available, a cesspit system is typically installed to compensate for scenarios where the liquid cannot soak away from the septic tank. A cesspit system is, in a nutshell, a self-contained chamber designed to store effluent ready for transport to a nearby sewage treatment works. Here at Dorset Drainage Services, we have many years of experience in providing quality cesspit installations.

Selecting the right system is vital as not all properties have the same exact requirements. With our comprehensive survey, we will have a clear understanding of precisely the type of cesspit system that you require. The installation will be carried out by our trained professionals using tried and tested methods, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in capable hands.

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Cesspit Maintenance

As a cesspit is typically used to store effluent, the toxicity inside can reach levels capable of overwhelming an individual in seconds. For this reason, great care should be taken to ensure that a cesspit is well-maintained to keep it functioning at peak efficiency for longer. Here at Dorset Drainage Services, our team are fully equipped to service and repair cesspits of all sizes.

We can also empty and clean your cesspit for you and even provide you with expert advice on how to best maintain your cesspit in full working order. With our help, you’ll benefit from many years of reliable service and won’t have to contend with finding your lawn covered in effluent.