Hunters Moon, Nr Dorchester

A stunning property with a beautiful, landscaped garden.

A stunning property with a beautiful, landscaped garden. This job required a lot of planning and preparing before any work carried out. There were some very expensive and rare trees and bushes planted throughout the garden. We boarded the footpath from the front round the back and through to the lower garden. This was then covered in thick plastic sheeting. We had to create a driveway for a digger and dumper to go back and forth. The ground was chalk which always makes it harder to keep tidy. The excavation was carried out and a 10–person Marsh Ensign Sewage Treatment plant was installed. The drainage field was made up of 100mm UPVC slotted pipe on a 300mm bed of 40mm stone. All trenches were backfilled, and the lower garden levelled then seeded. Once all machinery was removed from site the plastic and boards were lifted and site was left clean and tidy.

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